Fluent Bit

Monitor and observe your Fluent Bit cluster


Monitor consumer lag and other important Kafka cluster metrics in an instant


Monitor container, ApiServer, pods, and node-level metrics and stats using the LOGIQ Prometheus connector


A collection of dashboards that provide LogFlow users with total data pipeline observability.


A single dashboard to monitor your LOGIQ cluster


Monitor your Memcached in-memory data store via the LOGIQ Prometheus connector


Monitor all key usage and operational metrics for your MongoDB instance


Gather health, usage, and performance metrics for MySQL.


Visualize and collate essential metrics from your PostgreSQL database in a single dashboard.


A single dashboard to monitor Prometheus and AlertManager metrics ingested using the LOGIQ Prometheus connector.


A dashboard to monitor one or more Redis clusters with logs and metrics ingested via the LOGIQ Prometheus connector. Includes a dropdown selector to switch between Redis instances running on different namespaces.


A pre-built dashboard to monitor RabbitMQ clusters with logs and cluster-wide, node, and individual queue metrics ingested via the LOGIQ Prometheus connector. Extend this pre-built dashboard by building your own queries and visualizations atop default RabbitMQ metrics. Store more than one day's worth of metric data by connecting your object store with LOGIQ.

Amazon Web Services EC2

Monitor and visualize metrics from your AWS EC2 instances.

Amazon Web Services CloudTrail

A dashboard that lets you monitor and visualize events and trails from AWS CloudTrail.


A pre-built dashboard that visualizes your configured data pipeline flows and displays EPS savings and data pipeline usage statistics.

Windows System Event Monitoring

Monitor and visualize Microsoft Windows system events using the LOGIQ Prometheus connector.